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Dordogne Guide
Useful Information - Food & Drink

One of the major appeals of this region is the variety and quality of its unique and distinctive cuisine. Much of this cuisine is meat-based with notable patés and meat confits and of course the famous ‘Demoiselle’ in which a whole goose or duck is grilled over a wood fire. The area is also rich in the elusive truffle, a rare and expensive delicacy that is often served with paté.

The Dordogne is also undoubtedly a wine-lovers paradise: the climate and make-up of the region is ideal for wine growing and towns such as Bergerac, Bordeaux, Cahors and Gaillac are well known for providing quality produce. From the thick ‘black wine’ from Cahors or the slightly fizzy white of Gaillac, there is a strong range of wines for everyone, whatever your palette.

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