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Calais Guide
To See & Do - Must Sees

The Six Burghers Monument

The statue of the Six Burghers was sculpted by Rodin in 1895 and is Calais’ most famous monument. The statue represents the six noblemen who surrendered themselves to Edward III of England, following the siege of the city, on 4th August 1347, in order to save the townsfolk. Edward’s wife, Queen Philippa de Hainault, successfully asked her husband to spare their lives. The city then remained in English hands until 1558.

Fine Art and Lace Museum (Musée des Beaux Arts et de la Dentelle)

Exhibitions show the history of lace-making from when it was hand-made in the 16th century up until the modern machine made lace, and tells the story of how the lace industry in Calais originated from Nottingham in England. Other exhibitions include sculptures and paintings by Rodin as well as other artists from the Dutch and Flemish schools.

The War Museum (Musée de la Guerre)

The War Museum is set in a blockhouse, which was once the command post to the German navy and its exhibitions illustrate life during the war in Calais and the surrounding area with a collection of arms, uniforms, flags, models, period newspapers, posters, items from planes shot down in the region, different types of propaganda used and information on the Resistance. In 1940 British and French troops attempted to hold out against the Germans who, following round-the-clock bombing, took over the town and made it a heavily fortified command post in the belief that the Allies would invade at that point. The Allies played on this belief to draw attention away from the D-Day landings, which marked the beginning of victory in Europe for the Allies. The Canadian forces liberated Calais in October 1944.

The Beaches

The fine sandy beaches of the Opal Coast extend along the coast for 50 kilometres, and in summer offer plenty of opportunities for relaxation, beach games, sailing, windsurfing, and much more.

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