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Omaha Beach Guide
To See & Do

Omaha Beach, one of the D-Day landing sites for the American troops on 6th June 1944, holds many memories both painful and victorious. A contrast to its sister site Utah, where there were only 197 deaths on that fateful day, Omaha was a completely different story.

Low cloud prevented bombers launching a successful raid, officers signalled to release amphibious tanks too early and they consequently sunk with their occupants, and in total over 2,500 men died and three times that many were wounded before the day was up. Hence it was nicknamed ‘Bloody Omaha’.

On your visit to this area you will not only get a better understanding and sympathy for the events that occurred here but you will appreciate the ironic beauty of the area. In amongst the sadness and memories of the past, is present day Omaha.

Today Omaha Beach and its crystal clear waters attract sunbathers and swimmers, both young and old and the adjacent landscape is dotted with holiday cottages.

Its surrounding areas and nearby towns offer excitement, culture, great restaurants, alongside fantastic walks and outdoor activities.


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