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Champagne - Reims Guide
Food & Drink

Though Champagne does not have it’s own trademark dishes, you can find almost all types of French cuisine in Champagne’s restaurants, and as the region borders onto Belgium, you’ll find plenty of Flemish dishes on the menu too.

Large areas of Champagne have traditionally been a game hunter’s paradise – indeed France’s largest game hunting ground, Arc-en Barrois, is located in the area, so the regional cuisine has traditionally been rustic and hearty. Regional cuisines include a selection of game such as venison and wild boar which are prepared as roasts or casseroles or in a potée champenoise (a stew from the Champagne region), which can include several different types of meat and vegetables in the same dish. Roast rabbit or roast thrush are also regional favourites, they are also served up in rich patés and terrines flavoured with juniper berries. Dishes on the menu with unusual names are likely to be of Flemish origin which traditionally contains ingredients such as beer, chicory, prunes and raisins. As the region has a relatively cool climate, the vegetables that accompany the main meal tend to be potato, cabbage, beets and watercress, as well as Belgian endive and leeks.

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