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Strasbourg Guide
To See & Do - With the Family

Mulhouse Zoo and Botanical gardens

This lovely zoo and botanical gardens houses 1200 animals belonging to 190 different species. They specialise in the preservation of rare animals as their natural habitats disappear, or as a result over-hunting. One of their principal objectives is the protection and preservation of these endangered species. The centre is concerned with animal breeding, scientific research, and education and an added treat are the botanical gardens which has an exceptional collection of trees and of both local and exotic plant species, beautifully laid out in seasonally changing displays.

Mini Ferme du Zoo de l’Orangerie

Open since 1895, it is set in 26 acres and houses 470 animals and 70 species. More of a city zoo than a safari park, this is still a great place to take the family to keep them entertained.

Animal Park of Ste Croix

Situated in the heart of the superb Regional National Park, it covers an extensive area of 120 hectares of lakes, forests and open plains. It houses more than 1200 animals in a safari setting (as close to their natural habitat as possible). This is really a fantastic place to take the family. The animals are well cared for in a very professional and educational setting. The Park is separated into zones of habitat type. There is also a farm area for close contact and education of younger children.

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