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Strasbourg Guide
To See & Do - Churches


Cathédral St Etienne

This cathedral is the third tallest in France and is set on a hill overlooking the historic centre of the town above the Moselle. The ornate and gothic façade is adorned with gargoyles and buttresses, and the interior boasts some of the best stain glass windows including those from Chagall in the north transept.

Eglise St-Pierre-aux-Nonnains

This church claims to be one of the oldest in France and boasts some 4th century features. The outside walls and façade are Roman and the convent is 7th century.

Chapelle des Templiers

This is a beautiful octagonal 13th century chapel, built by the Knights of Templar. It is adorned with restored frescoes and is really worth a visit.


Eglise et Couvent des Courdeliers

This church boasts a crypt in which the Dukes of Lorraine are buried and the converted monastery now houses the Musée Régional des Arts et Traditions populaires.


Cathédrale de Notre-Dame

This is a stunning piece of architecture with an ornate and detailed façade, towers high above all other buildings in the city. The interior boasts a superb sequence of stain glass windows, 15th century pulpit and beautiful and expansive organ. Visit hours are 7-11.30am, 12.40-7pm daily but the cathedral is closed during services.

Church of Saint Thomas

Situated off of the Rue de Salzmann is the Church of Saint Thomas. A mixture of both Gothic and Romanesque features, the church has been the protestant base for the past 5 centuries. A feature of particular interest is the sculpture situated behind the alter, the Tomb of the Maréchal de Saxe.


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