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Strasbourg Guide
Food & Drink

Due to the constant changing of Nationalities between German and French, the regions specialities are a unique and sumptuous mixture of hearty cuisine with a little French ‘Je ne sais quoi’. In both Alsace and Lorraine, pork is the most common meat, chicken can be found cooked in beer or wine and fish, such as trout, pike and perch, is also another popular option. Locals of the region love to cook some chicken and fish dishes using a Riesling wine jus and in the winter game stews are another tasty option and are usually accompanied by pasta or spaetzle (noodles). Typical dishes for you to try are:

The famous ‘Quiche Lorraine’, Baeckeoffe, a layered casserole of assorted meats, Flammenkueche, a pizza like tart with onions, bacon and crème fraiche and for desserts the Baba au Rhum which is dry or bready cake dipped in syrup and rum and served with whipped cream.

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