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Champagne - Troyes Guide
After Dark

The most concentrated area for nightlife can be found amidst the cafés and taverns of rue Champeaux and rue Mole off Place Alexandre Israël.

Bar Montabert has a regular pub crowd and is one of the popular bars along this lively street.
24 rue Paillot de Montabert, just off rue Champeaux. (+33 (0)3 25 73 58 04).

Le Café du Musée has a good upstairs restaurant and a cool contemporary bar downstairs with a wide range of beers. Open Monday to Saturday until 3am, closed Monday evenings & Sundays.
59 rue de la Cité, near the cathedral.

Le Tricasse, at 2 rue Charbonnet, is a popular bar, with the occasional live band, and just off this street, along the narrow rue Paillot-de-Montabert, you'll find a few more bars, including the tiny and consistently packed-out Bar des Bougnets des Pouilles.

The hottest club venue in Troyes changes constantly, but Atlantide on 19 rue Claude Huez, is a fairly good bet (+33 (0)3 25 73 85 76). It's worth checking out the posters advertising Troyes clubs to get an idea of upcoming events, or pop into the tourist office for a list of clubs and discos.


Ville en Musique

From mid June through to August, Troyes hosts the Ville en Musique - a series of concerts and performances from rock to classical. Contact (+33 (0)3 25 43 55 00) or pass by the Cultural Centre or tourist office for more information.

Le Chemin des Bâtisseurs de Cathédrales – from the last weekend in June through to the end of summer, a free sound and light show is held in the Cathedral of St Rémy on Friday and Saturday nights at 10pm.


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