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Responsible Tourism

Code of Conduct for our Customers

All tourism potentially has an environmental, social and economic impact so we ask you to help us negate any detrimental impact your holiday has on the environment. Please take the time to read the comprehensive information contained in our brochure and pre-departure information on the destination, preferably before you go.

We make a commitment to:

  • protect the environment - its flora, fauna and landscapes
  • respect local cultures - traditions, religions and built heritage
  • benefit local communities - both economically and socially
  • conserve natural resources - from office to destination
  • minimise pollution - through noise, waste disposal and congestion

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...and ask you to help:

Respect the Environment

Act responsibly to protect the natural beauty and wildlife of our destinations for future generations to enjoy whilst living in or visiting the country, paying particular attention to local guidelines regarding the building of fires and barbecues.

Respect for Others

Please be aware of a country's religious beliefs and dress appropriately when you are away from the resort areas. Please always ask permission when taking photographs. Respect other guests and locals by keeping noise levels to a minimum at night.

Using Local Restaurants

Our destinations have an excellent selection of good quality restaurants. By eating in local restaurants you are ensuring your visit benefits the wider community.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Make sure your money benefits the local people by buying local products and services.

Preserve Energy

Save energy and the environment by turning off lights, air-conditioning and electrical items when not needed.

Preserve Water

Water is often taken for granted in the western world so its important to avoid waste, especially in developing countries where water is extremely precious.

Please help preserve supplies by:

  • Only leaving dirty towels and laundry on the floor for washing.
  • Turn off dripping taps.
  • Using a basin of water with a plug rather than a running tap.
  • Having a shower instead of bathing in a full tub.
  • Reporting any leaks immediately.

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