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Our Policy

With the increasing media attention on aviation surrounding climate change there has never been a more important time for us to understand how we can do our bit to help. As well as bringing a wealth of benefits to a destination, all tourism potentially has an environmental, social and economic impact so we strive to negate any detrimental impact our business has on the environment and the destinations we send our customers.

We commit wherever possible to:

  • protect the environment - its flora, fauna and landscapes
  • respect local cultures - traditions, religions and built heritage
  • benefit local communities - both economically and socially
  • conserve natural resources - from office to destination
  • minimise pollution - through noise, waste disposal and congestion

We have designated our Office Manager to monitor our Responsible Tourism strategy as ways of reducing carbon emissions are constantly evolving; we feel the most effective way of achieving carbon emission reduction is by committing to and developing a comprehensive policy to make a lasting, positive effect on the environment. Personnel throughout our business are encouraged to raise responsible tourism issues and they are considered in any managerial decision.

We are constantly looking to increase the revenue generated by our Optin & Offset programme as well as looking at investing in new initiatives.

We have written measurable targets, which are reviewed annually and published internally, so all personnel fully understand the Company's Responsible Tourism Policy and are encouraged to feedback and make suggestions.

We are committed to provide our clients with comprehensive background information on all aspects of our products and destinations and have developed a 'code of conduct' to engender Responsible Tourism; this is promoted wherever possible in our literature and on our websites - we also give our customers the opportunity to feedback any comments/initiatives.

In Resort

We are committed to:

  • contribute to the long-term stable development of our destinations and their economy.
  • contribute towards improvements in the tourist infrastructure.
  • work with local businesses to ensure local communities receive a fair share of the benefits of tourism.
  • contribute financially to charity projects which will have an impact upon a destination's long-term development.
  • regularly communicate with our resort teams and give them the opportunity to feedback on any in-destination Responsible Tourism issues
  • constantly update destination suppliers on our Responsible Tourism activities

We are involved in a number of carbon-offset initiatives in our resorts, at the moment primarily in The Gambia but new initiatives are being investigated by Tourism Industry Carbon Offset Service (TICOS) in other resorts.

UK Office

Having adopted a Responsible Tourism Policy for our overseas operations, we feel being responsible in the office is equally as important as in our destinations, to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment. See what we have achieved so far »


Please email us with any Responsible Tourism feedback you may have »