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Arras Guide
To See & Do - Recommended

Vaubam Citadel

The fortress was built between 1667 and 1672, on the order of Louis XIV and it was nicknamed the ‘The Useless Beauty’. Originally built as a city defence, it was never required as there were no invasions after its completion. However, it is notorious with the locals for its firing squad wall. Located outside the fortress walls, it pays homage to the 218 French Resistance members that were executed in the Second World War in the Citadel trenches.


Founded 2000 years ago by the Romans, this ancient city was established as a sacred place of peace and sanctuary. There are sites of recent excavation, and artefacts found provide a picture of life up to 17 centuries ago. Located in the northwestern area of the town.

Les Boves

Famous in the area, Les Boves is a series of caves and subterranean passages, a couple of hundred years old. The caves were an appreciated refuge in the Second World War and are now open to the public for viewing.

St Germain Brewery

An old-fashioned brewery with a friendly atmosphere, you can spend the afternoon tasting the varieties of beverages made from amongst others, hops, chicory and rhubarb.

Further Afield

Château de Barly

An 18th century chateau, built in Louis XVI, boasts superb architecture, sculptures and gardens.

Château de Grand-Rullecourt

A huge and elaborate, brick and stone château update by Marquis of Hamel de Bellanlise in the 17th century.

Château de Duisan

An 18th century château of simple but beautiful design.

Mont-Saint-Eloi Towers

A superb structure that dates back to the 8th century, this beautiful shadow of a building has had a turbulent history. Following the Revolution the Abbey was almost completely dismantled. The 18th century brought restoration that was sadly short lived. The Abbey also suffered during the years of the First World War. This site offers a superb view of Arras from the archway on the great lawned Terrace.

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