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Dieppe Guide
Food & Drink - Specialties

The Normandy region is probably best known for its dairy produce, its apples and its seafood. The rich pastures are home to the vache Normande (Normandy cow) who provide milk for the many well-known cheeses of the region, such as Camembert, Pont l’Éveque, Neufchâtel, Livarot, Pave d’Auge and Brillat-Savarin, as well as crème fraiche, butter, yogurt, fromage frais such as Petit-Suisse and confiture de lait (milk jam). Excellent free-range veal is also produced from the Normandy cows. Other popular meat products include Andouille de Vire, a smoked sausage made from pigs’ tripe and stomach, hams, terrines and black puddings from Coutances, Mortagne-au-Perche and Alençon. Poultry, such as duck, turkey, chicken and goose are all important parts of Normandy cuisine with foiegras being very popular. Normandy is an important fishing region, providing a variety of fish and shellfish; Dieppe is particularly important for scallops. Fruit and vegetables are available in abundance; Normandy is famous for its apples but also produces excellent pears and cherries. Vegetables such as cabbages, cauliflower, potatoes, celery and celeriac are also widely grown and the leeks and carrots grown are considered to be a superior quality. Wild and button mushrooms also feature in many dishes.

Popular Normandy dishes include Sole Normande (sole dressed with mussels, oysters, mushrooms, shallots and prawns in a creamy sauce), Canard Rouennais (roast duck cooked in a rich dark sauce), Tripes à la Mode de Caen (tripe cooked with calves’ feet, onions, leeks, carrots, herbs and cider, served with potatoes), Poulet Vallée de l’Auge (chicken flambéed in Calvados and simmered with cider, shallots, mushrooms and crème fraiche), Côte de Veau Vallée de l’Auge (veal chop cooked with mushrooms, cream and cider or Calvados), Gratin d’Huîtres (oysters gratinéed with cider, cream and breadcrumbs), Raie au Beurre (skate friend in butter and capers), Beurré Normand (apple and raisin cake), Bourdelot (pastry-wrapped apple dumpling), Tarte aux Cerises de Duclair (cherry pie with flaky pastry and whipped cream), Tarte Normande (apple pie with frangipane) and Teurgoule (baked rice pudding with cinnamon).

Wines & Drinks

Normandy is famous for its apples, which are mainly used to make Cider, Calvados and Pommeau. Another popular local drink is poiré, a drink made from pears.

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