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Champagne - Troyes Guide
Getting Around

Much of the centre of historical Troyes (pronounced 'trois', like the French for 'three') can quite easily be explored on foot. It’s a pleasure to wander through the city, its beautifully manicured park, half-timbered buildings, and interesting little shops and narrow alleyways lead to a bustling downtown plaza. The central part of Troyes between the station and the cathedral is dotted with marvellous churches to visit and explore.

Five hundred wealthy merchant houses were built in the decade following a fire in 1524 which destroyed most of the city. All these affluent buildings have been well preserved and restored, and the cobbled pedestrianised streets have kept their historic style. Tourist leaflets map out strolls around the old centre. 

To visit the Champagne area itself, the best mode of transport is undoubtedly the car. Driving through the region allows you to be flexible and relaxed on the routes you take and the places you visit. The vineyards, châteaux and villages are scattered throughout the region and driving by car will enable you to see as much or as little as you like.

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