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Dordogne Guide

The Dordogne is an extraordinary and genuinely unique region of France that provides the whole gamut of experience- from breathtaking countryside and awe-inspiring historical locations, to spectacular chateaux, sun-dappled golden stone villages and to top it all, some of the finest cuisine you’ll find anywhere in the world.

The region is dominated by the maundering grandeur of three great rivers, the Dordogne, the Lot and the Tarn that make their way from the plateau of the Massif Central out to the Atlantic. The Dordogne River, as it has made its way over the centuries, has carved out some beautiful valleys which are rich and fertile- ideal for the regions famous wines- and whose gentle slopes are carpeted in lush greenery. It has also created some remarkable cave networks that contain some astonishing ancient artworks- indeed the most famous of these at Lascaux, has been called the Sistine Chapel of prehistoric art, so important are the paintings within.

There are some wonderful towns and villages dotted across the region- nestling in hillsides and hidden away in pockets of picturesque countryside. Perhaps the archetypal Perigordian town, built from dazzling golden stone, is the delightful Sarlat. It has a deep history that dates back well over a thousand years, which is instantly visible in the sheer range and craft of the exquisite architecture. It is also home to some of the regions best markets and festivals; and contains some fantastic restaurants and brasseries in which you can sample the epicurean delights of this areas’ sumptuous cuisine.

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