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Bayeux Guide

A medieval treasure in the heart of Normandy, full of beautiful architecture, narrow cobbled streets and superb market squares. An incredibly special place as it is one of the few towns that survived WWII intact. Built on the site of the old Roman settlement of Augustodurum, Bayeux is full of relics from the past. Whether you are interested in the 11th century Cathedral of Notre Dame, the famous Norman Bayeux Tapestry, the unbelievable history, museums and memorials dedicated to the D-Day landings or are simply besotted by the town's stunning surroundings, Bayeux will delight all who visit it.

  • Overflowing with architecture of many centuries, Bayeux boasts some of the most beautiful buildings in France.
  • Not far from the beaches of the D-Day landings, Bayeux is not only perfectly situated to visit other battlefield sites of Normandy but is home to a cemetery of over 6000 British soldiers and The Normandy War Museum.
  • Bayeux boasts excellent weekly markets of fresh meats, cheese and fish alongside lovely restaurants of French Norman style cooking.
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