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Boulogne Guide

Known as the City of Arts and History and also the City of the Sea, Boulogne-sur-Mer enjoys a rich and varied heritage that dates back over 2000 years, and has much to offer its many visitors. Whether it’s the bustling fishermen’s stalls displaying their catch of the day on the harbour front, the beautifully preserved 13th century city walls in the old town, the forest surrounding Boulogne, the dramatic coastline of the Opal Coast, or even the giant aquariums in Nausicaä, the National Sea Centre, there really is something to appeal to everyone.

Boulogne was known to the Romans as Bononia and was the major port connecting the rest of the empire to Britain. The emperor Claudius used Bononia as his base for the Roman invasion of Britain, in 43 AD.

Set on a beautiful stretch of coastline, whose white cliffs compete with Dover’s, and amidst a background of rolling hills.

Boulogne is an excellent destination for families with beautiful beaches and the Nausicaä Sea Centre to keep the younger members occupied.

Boulogne has an excellent selection of shops, in particular specialist shops, perfect for picking up gifts and souvenirs of the North of France.

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