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A taste of adventure for everyone

From the lush tropical islands of the South Pacific to the high seas of the Caribbean, you'll be on a hunt for priceless treasures... and excitement.

Sample the thrills of Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril and come swashbuckling with Pirates of the Caribbean... if you dare.

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Adventureland feature's the following:

Le Passage Enchante d'Aladdin

Visit the enchanted city of Agrabah through miniature scenes depicting the story of Disney's Aladdin.

Indiana Jones™ and the Temple of Peril

Face the wrath of the gods on a runaway mine car through ancient temple ruins! Minimum height 1.40m.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Voyage back in time and witness a full-scale assault on a Spanish fort.

Adventure Isle

Lose yourself in a myriad of lagoons, coves, caves and footbridges. * Skull Rock * Spyglass Hill *Ben Gunn's Cave

Captain Hook's Pirate Ship

Explore the deck and take in views of Adventure Isle.

La Cabane des Robinson

Perched high in a tree, this incredible house is built entirely from the wreck of the Family Robinson's ship.

Pirates' Beach

Play like real buccaneers! Maximum height 1.40m.


Why wait in line when you can use FASTPASS® which is a free time saving service! You simply insert your Park entrance ticket into FASTPASS® stations at participating attractions as indicated.

In return you will receive a FASTPASS® ticket indicating a return time. You can then spend your time in Disneyland® Park as you wish, and pop back at your FASTPASS® return time to board the attraction with little or no wait.

Looking for accommodation:
Disney® Hotels

Disney® Hotels

A wide selection of hotels available

We have a wide selection of accommodation for Hotels Onsite, Hotels Near to or Hotels Next to the magic. If you plan to stay in a Hotel onsite your park ticket will be included in the price of your break. If you are staying in a Hotel near to or next to the magic ticket price information is provide. Please continue for further hotel information:

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